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2017 - All's Well That End's Well

17 February – 3 March 2018 Civic Square, Wellington

Helena wants to marry Count Bertram. The King is suffering from a seemingly incurable disease – so Helena (the daughter of a great healer) cures him, and is allowed to pick any man she wants as her reward. She picks Bertram, but he doesn’t like being forced into the marriage. He runs away, declaring that Helena will not truly be his wife until she wears his ring and carries his child: seemingly impossible things, given that he never intends to see her again.

By switching places with Bertram’s girlfriend Diana, is Helena able to fulfil his requirements?

Director's Note​​

It’s a great joy to be back for another Wellington Summer Shakespeare adventure! I directed my very first Shakespeare – Cymbeline for WSST in 2001.

In this fine city tradition – now in its 34th year – people from all walks of life devote a major chunk of their summer to bringing you thrilling outdoor entertainment with the works of the world’s greatest playwright.

This year we looked for a downtown location that would support a highly visible event aiming to celebrate the unique character of our beautiful capital city.

Major sponsors Wellington City Council, and Victoria University of Wellington, (and others) have again generously helped make this much-loved show possible.

Massive thanks also to our stunning Production Team and our brave and beautiful cast members.

A round of applause should also ring out for my brilliant Assistant Director Tabitha Arthur, who has cheerfully mentored graphic designers, collaborated with vigour and verve, directed with passion and rigour, asked the right questions, made astute observations, supported actors and crew beautifully, and been a shining light for this production.


Director Samuel Phillips

Producer Sally Thorburn

Production Manager Tolis Papazoglou

Stage Manager Hannah Japes

Marketing and Publicity Managers Bryan Glick & Annika Philipp      

Front of House Manager Lisa Ryan

Dramaturgs David Carnegie &  Lori Leigh

Lead Designer Debbie Fish

Graphic Designer Riley Karl

Lighting Designer Harry Meech

Costume Designers Chloe King, Ellissa Kline & Hanna Persson

Sound Designer Lachlan Crane 

Movement Director Leila Morad

Musical Directors Cameron Stewart &  Kirstin Crowe

Assistant Production Manager & Assistant Set Design Kelsey Aldersley

Assistant Stage Manager and Head of Props Kesar Bhatt

Front of House Assistant Cameron Trigg

Set Construction Debbie Fish, David Goldthorpe & Barnaby Olson       

Lighting Assistant David Conroy

Lighting & Video Assistants Joel Strawbridge & Lachlan Crane

Graphic Design Mentor Tabitha Arthur


Director - Peter Hambleton

Producer - Sally Thorburn

Production Manager - Keely McCann

Stage Manager - Brynne Tasker-Poland

Marketing and Publicity - Hannah Jones and Matthew Ross

Front of House Manager - Lisa Taylor

Assistant Director - Tabitha Arthur

Assistant Production Manager - Ashley Mardon

Assistant Stage Manager and Head of Props - Hannah Lea Japes

Assistant Stage Manager - Simon McArthur

Front of House Assistants - Kate Aschoff and Sally Quintrell

Set Designers - Rob Ormsby, Anna Lowe and Russell Nelson

Head of Costume - Sylvia Gilbert-Potts

Lighting Designer - Will Smith

Graphic Designers - Sarah Browning and Finn Simpson

Graphic Design Mentor - Tabitha Arthur

Helena - Harriet Prebble

Bertram - Hamish Boyle

Parolles - Shauwn Keil

Countess - Petra Donnison

Rinalda, Widow - Hilary Norris

Lafew - Allan Burne

Lavatch, Mariana, Tour de France - Ingrid Saker

King of France - Simon McArthur

Diana - Claudia Richards

Soldier Interpreter, Lord, Maudlin, Soldier - James Douglas

Nurse, Soldier, Musician - Cary Stackhouse

Isbel, Lord Dumaine - Shivneel Singh

Lord Dumaine II - Josh McGowan

Harley Davidson Chauffeur to the Countess - Tanya Piejus


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