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To promote and nurture an appreciation and love of Shakespeare by means of an annual outdoor, large-scale event in Wellington.​


  • Whanaungatanga refers to the building and maintenance of relationships. It establishes meaningful, reciprocal, whānau or family-like relationships through cultural respect, connectedness and engagement.

  • Our goal at Summer Shakespeare is to provide a loving and supportive environment for cast and crew to join us summer after summer to offer their skills and mahi.


  • Manaakitanga describes sharing, hosting and being generous. 

  • The Board is dedicated to the role that Summer Shakespeare continues to play in the development of emerging theatre makers, as well as those more established, as it supports them to produce high-quality full-length Shakespearean productions.  We believe in collaboration and supporting everyone involved in a production to feel fulfilled and achieve their potential.


  • Aroha means love but it also means respect. Aroha also relates to the information collected. 

  • In every Summer Shakespeare environment, we will respect each other, and show aroha for each other's mahi and talents. 


  • Mahaki is about showing humility when sharing knowledge. Mahaki reminds us to share knowledge and experiences to better understand each other and foster trust in our relationships.


  • Mana relates to power, dignity and respect. 
    Kaua e takahia te mana o te tangata “Do not trample on the mana or dignity of a person”.

  • We approach each other with respect, regardless of position or background.

He Kanohi Kitea

  • He kanohi kitea means being a familiar face.

  • Since 1983, Summer Shakespeare has established itself as a highlight in the annual Wellington performance calendar. We are forever thankful to our loyal supporters who continue to buy tickets, volunteer and share a picnic each year as they delight in Summer Shakespeare under the stars.

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