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2018 - Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors, a fast-paced farce of arriving in a new town, looking for food, family, and home.  

 Many years ago, Egeon fathered a pair of identical twins, both named Antipholus. Each Antipholus was given a servant, Dromio and his identical twin Dromio and thus the family was whole. Until one day a mighty storm separated one Antipholus and Dromio from the other Antipholus and Dromio. Ever since the twins are split in two, are incomplete, unwhole.


 I to the world am like a drop of water 

That in the ocean seeks another drop 

(Antipholus of Syracuse, Act 1 Scene 2) 

Our story takes place on a single day in Ephesus, a buzzing harbour town not unlike Wellington. Two strangers have come to town, Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse, but as they journey further through the city it becomes more and more strange. People seem to know them too well, and they start to question how well they know themselves…  

Director’s Note 

The Comedy of Errors is a play about forging a family and finding home. It is an action-packed adventure through a city that is both welcoming and terrifying, domestic and miraculous. As such we are taking Summer Shakespeare right into the central city of Wellington.  

This play is a delightful comedy through and through, yet at the heart of the play is family tragedy and the shock of not being recognised as yourself. It features hilarious set-pieces, witty wordplay and farcical mischief. Its roots in commedia dell'arte and Roman comedy are nodded to in this production, the first The Comedy of Errors in Wellington Summer Shakespeare’s canon. 

Wellington is an incredibly welcoming city; you can make a home here and explore who you want to be in the world. Our city invites you to have adventures, to be anyone, to find yourself here. We invite you to join our Summer Shakespeare family for The Comedy of Errors.  


Director Samuel Phillips 

Producer Sally Thorburn 

Production Manager Tolis Papazoglou

Stage Manager Hannah Japes

Marketing and Publicity Managers Bryan Glick & Annika Philipp        

Front of House Manager Lisa Ryan

Dramaturgs David Carnegie &  Lori Leigh 

Lead Designer Debbie Fish

Graphic Designer Riley Karl

Lighting Designer Harry Meech

Costume Designers Chloe King, Ellissa Kline & Hanna Persson 

Sound Designer Lachlan Crane 

Movement Director Leila Morad 

Musical Directors Cameron Stewart &  Kirstin Crowe  

Assistant Production Manager & Assistant Set Design Kelsey Aldersley

Assistant Stage Manager and Head of Props Kesar Bhatt

Front of House Assistant Cameron Trigg

Set Construction Debbie Fish, David Goldthorpe & Barnaby Olson          

Lighting Assistant David Conroy

Lighting & Video Assistants Joel Strawbridge & Lachlan Crane 

Graphic Design Mentor Tabitha Arthur


Antipholus of Syracuse -  James Cain or Michael Hockey 

Antipholus of Ephesus - James Cain or Michael Hockey 

Dromio of Syracuse - Kasey Benge 

Dromio of Ephesus - Samuel Irwin 

Adriana - Stevie Hancox-Monk  

Luciana - Pippa Drakeford  

Egeon & Pinch - Shauwn Keil 

Abbess  - Tabitha Arthur  

Nell & Courtesan - Alexandra Taylor 

Angela  - Gemma Revell  

Balthazar - Kevin Karn  

Duchess - Nikaiah (Kiya) Basabas 

Kelly the First Merchant - Beth Draper 

Roxanne the Second Merchant - Victoria Stevens   

Jailor & Messenger - Kirstin Crowe 

Officer - Jane Paul

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