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2005 - Much Ado About Nothing

Boyd Wilson Field, Victoria University

3-19 February 2005



Directors Jacqueline Coats & Rachel More

Business Manager Emily Enoka

Production Manager Gavin Rutherford

Dramaturg David Lawrence

Music Director Steve Gallagher

Choreographer Sacha Copland

Design Mentor Martyn Roberts

Costume and prop designer Karin Lundgren

Lighting Designer & Operator Rosie Roberts

Graphic Designer Jenny Siaosi

Publicist Rachel Groot

Stage Manager Darrell Haddon

Assistant Stage Manager Brendon Simpson

Front of House Mat Burden, Anthony Parker

Schools Resource Pack Patrick Davies


The Township of Messina (in order of appearance)

Mrs Mavis Dogberry Rachel Groot (leader of the local Girl Guide troop, the Messina Lambs)

Miss Isabella Verges Marlayna Saunders (deputy leader of the Messina Lambs, spinster, sister to Mrs Dogberry)

Miss Georgina Seacole Rebecca Lieven (Girl Guide, an excellent knitter)

Miss Frances Seacole Eleanor Williams (Girl Guide, working towards her music badge with the Lamingtones)

Miss Hannah Oatcake Sarah Hitchings (Girl Guide)

Bella Star Rebecca Parker (Divorcee, lead singer with the Lamingtones)

Miss Margaret Spratt Jane Pierard (Cousin to the Leonato family, barmaid at the Messina RSA)

Miss Hero Leonato Kluane Heath (only child and heir of Mr Leonato)

Miss Beatrice Bond Amy Tarleton (Unmarried orphaned niece of Mr Leonato)

Mr D. H. Leonato Patrick Davies (Mayor of Messina and owner of the Cosmopolitan Hotel)

Mrs Antonia Brown Kay Smith (Widowed younger sister of Mr Leonato)

Miss Lucia Brown Nicola Crombie (Only daughter of Mrs Antonia Brown)

Miss Ursula Spratt Sonya Stewart (Unmarried cousin of the Leonato family, bookkeeper at the Cosmopolitan Hotel)

Mr Francis Ashford Daniel Saunders (New vicar at St Paul’s Anglican church)

Mr Donald Pedro (No. 8) Shannon Small (Wealthy landowner in Messina, Captain of the Messina Rams)

Mr John Farry (No. 4) Salesi Le’ota (illegitimate half-brother of Mr Pedro, lock for the Messina Rams)

Mr George Benedick (No. 9) Simon Vincent (Staunch bachelor, halfback for the Messina Rams)

Mr Claudio Counter (No, 15) Loren Ruru (apprentice backer, Star fullback for the Messina Rams)

Mr Borachio Samuels (No. 11) Adam Donald (travelling salesman, wing for the Messina Rams)

Mr Conrad Black (No. 2) Brendon Simpson (worker for Ministry of Works, hooker for Messina Rams)

Mr Anzac Washington (No. 13) Yaskov Sanders (Sexton for district police, centre for the Messina Rams, guitarist with The Lamingtones)

Mr Peter Duke (No. 2) Tau Vaga (Constable for the district police, prop for the Messina Rams)

Mr Chris Marlowe (No. 7) Ashley Jeffrey (Reporter for the Messina Chronicle, amateur playwright, flanker for the Messina Rams)

Mr Fabian Fox (No. 14) Robin Kerr (Band leader for The Lamingtones, winger for the Messina Rams)

Mr John Belch Patrick Geddes (Church organist at St Paul’s, keys player for The Lamingtones)

Miss Rosaline Green Cecelia J Asquant (Head librarian at Messina District Library, ukulele and back-up vocals for The Lamingtones)

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