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1994 - Pericles

February 18 - March 5 1994

The Dell, Wellington Botanic Gardens



Director Jeremy Bell

Composer and Musical Director Cristian Pilditch

Production Manager Fletcher Pilditch

Stage Manager Jacqui Coats

Assistant Stage Manager Megan Corby

Costume Co-ordinator Vanessa Byrnes

Choreographer Jenni McArthur

Lighting Design Fletcher Pilditch

Lighting Operators Katherine McAlpine, Scott McCormick

Wardrobe Clare Needham

Stage Crew Sarah Laing, Stuart Coats, Debbie McGuire, Imogen Mitchell

Set Dressing Megan Corby, Jacqui Coats

Banner Design David Anderson

Carpenter/Set Builder Bruce McNaught

Poster and Graphic Designer Bronwyn Gay

Administrator and Publicity Mike SengelowFront of House manager Michelle Parish

Schools Co-ordinator Noeline Holt

Schools Pack Debbie McGuire


Gower Monique Bradley

King Antiochus Robert Hensen

Daughter of Antiochus Emma Vere-Jones

Pericles Adam GardinerThaliart Andrew Stewart

Guard Craig McDougall

Helicanus Alison Hodge

Aeschines Jess Ractliffe

Lady Meredith DooleyCleon Ryk Goddard

Dionyza Heather McQueen

Messenger Megan Hurnard

Fisherwoman 1 Louise Alley

Fisherwoman 2 Meredith DooleySimonides Phil Pinner

Thaisa Shona HolborowMarshal Emma Vere-Jones

Marshal Judy Dale

Knight of Sparta Craig McDougall

Knight of Macedon Robert Hensen

Knight of Antioch Andrew Stuart

Knight of Athens Ryk Goddard

Knight of Corinth Toby Manhire

Lychorida Jess Ractliffe

Master Sailor Craig McDougall

Helmsman Andrew Stuart

Cerimon Moana Telford-Gray

Philemon Louise Alley

Woman 1 Megan Hurnard

Woman 2 Emma Vere-Jones

Musician Sumiko Mukame

Marina Judy Dale

Philoten Louise Alley

Leonine Craig McDougall

Pirate Ryk Goddard

Pirate Robert Hensen

Pirate Adam Gardiner

Pander Andrew Stuart

Bawd Alison Hodge

Boult Phil Pinner

Prostitute Jess Ractliffe

Prostitute Emma Vere-Jones

Reformed Customer 1 Ryk Goddard

Reformed Customer 2 Robert Hensen

Lysimachus Toby Manhire

Sailor Craig McDougall

Goddess Diana Megan Hurnard

Priestesses of Diana

Jess Ractliffe
Meredith Dooley
Louise Alley
Heather McQueen
Emma Vere-Jones


Alison Green
Bruce McNaught
Sumiko MukameJohn Ellis
Rob Mayo
Nick Prosser
Cristian Pilditch

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