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1990 - Measure for Measure

Memorial Theatre, Victoria University


Director Michael Huddleston

Designer Andrew Foster

Lighting Design Steve Marshall

Costumes Natasha Christie

Stage Manager Martyn Roberts

Assistant Stage Managers Sharon McIllwee, Melanie Hutton

Lighting Operator Marion Davey

Front of House Catherine Parkin

Production Administrator Dan Slevin

Photography Robert Cross


The Duke Steven Hollins

Angelo Jeremy Scrivener

Isabella Annabel Heenan

Escalus Samantha Hayman

Claudio Jay Smith

Lucio Jeremy Grogan

Mariana Vivienne Quinn

Juliet Ceri Roberts

Mistress Overdone Sheryn Arthur

Pompey James Shaw

Provost Charles Edwards

Mother Francisca Emma Bockhop

Elbow/Friar Thomas Michael Gardner

Friar Peter Jonathon Alley

Abhorson/Second Drunk Charles McGuiness

Barnadine/First Drunk Michael Lee

Master Froth/Messengers Dan Slevin

Chorus The Crew

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