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1990 - Much Ado About Nothing

Memorial Theatre, Victoria University


Director Glenn McKenzie

Production Co-ordinator Joanne Carr

Production Administrator Hanna von Randow

Stage Manager Marc Ellis

Wardrobe Natasha Christie

Wardrobe Assistant Fiona Garlick

Lighting Design Martyn Roberts, Adam Wilson

Lighting Operator Lizi Edmonds

Followspot Marion Davies

House Technician Geoff Hewitt

Stage Crew Tony Yip, Scott McAlister, Nevan Percy

Musical Director Mike McLeary

Front of House Nicky Nicolaou

Sponsorship Geraldene Peters

Masks Tutor Hilary Bertenshaw with Ruth Paul, Erica Duthie

Dance Tutor Erica Stephenson

Swords Tutor Donald Holder

Graphic Design Jeremy Jones

Orchard and Angel paintings Leigh Ransfield


Don Pedro Shane Bartle

Benedick Leigh Ransfield

Claudio Chris Tegg

Leonato Megan Huber

Antonio John O’Brien

Beatrice Kim Hunter

Hero Margaret Gaffaney / Claire Waldron

Margaret Claire Waldron / Margaret Gaffeney

Ursula Annie Thomas

Don John Dan Slevin

Borachio Michael Ulyatt

Conrade Jeremy Grogan

Dogberry Cathie Sheat

Verges Annabel Craig

Watch 1 Tina Sudell

Watch 2 Lara Matheson

Belle Margaret Werry / Katherine Lineham

Thea Suzanne Aspden

Friar Francis Michael Lee

The Sexton Simon A. Laidler

Boy/‘Stage Manager’ Robert Stafford

Maid/‘Assistant Stage Manager’ Geraldene Peters

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